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Average Cost of claim

Our award winning employment team are dedicated to provide transparent pricing and find best option in regards to your circumstances. The cost depends on many factors and can be between – £600-£9,000 plus VAT (VAT is charged in addition at 20%).  The average price for this service is £3500 plus VAT (approx.)

Our hourly rates are as follows: 

Principal Solicitor – £250.00 plus VAT (Approx.)

Solicitor – £120 plus VAT (Approx.)

Trainee Solicitor / Paralegal- £80.00 plus VAT (Approx.)

On average, this type of work entails approximately 30 hours of work and the rate depends on the experience of the lawyer. All the work is supervised by a Director, who retains responsibility and conduct of matters.

The number of hours it will take depends on many circumstances such as the amount of evidence, witnesses and documentation, complexity of the case, length of hearings, failure of client to cooperate, negotiations and etc. We will provide you a more accurate estimate once we have assessed your case.

What services are included in this?

  • Initial consulation and assessment of client’s circumstances
  • Negotiating with ACAS and with the employer.
  • Considering Document consideration and drafts preparation for Employment Tribunal
  • Preparing witness statements and bundles
  • Attending hearings.

The following costs are excluded from our agreed prices and are bearable by a client as and when incurred:

  • Employment Tribunal fees.
  • Expenses such as travel, payment for copy documents etc..
  • Counsel or expert fees.
  • Employment Tribunal Costs Orders made against a client.
  • Appeal costs.
  • The Enforcement of any order.